Gotta thank Harmony for giving this on-line radio site to me

I haven’t been listened to the American station for so long

And almost forgot the real free


Now I’m here with my own universe

Without you nor anyone

There is only me and my space


Yeah actually I got something to tell ya n’ ya

Don’t fall in love with me just because I am mysterious

Otherwise you’re gonna burn yourself


Oh and hey there,

I don’t really give it a shit


So if you really love me

Don’t be a coward

Don’t be over jealous- I've had it, enough!!

Don’t just send me a song and expect me’d take you away

Don’t just “think”


That’s all.




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  • AeEShop
  • 歡迎來參觀我的部落格唷^^

  • Alrite, thanks~

    LA6KS 於 2008/11/12 14:30 回覆

  • harmonyy
  • 我好像不只給你一個...

    對了,我也有蠟燭的照片,跟這日期也有關係 >"<
  • 妳只給我 AccuRadio 呀~
    不過光這個我就聽到不亦樂乎了,目前鎖定在聽的是 Chill,晚上就聽聽 piano jazz 放鬆一下。

    蠟燭的照片在哪裡 (伸)
    我的跟日期沒什麼關係,只是剛好有題材,藉題發揮一下 (爆)

    LA6KS 於 2008/11/13 11:57 回覆